All Humans Are Weird

by Energy Nuclear

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Energy Nuclear :
Yogi Surya Adam - Words, Guitars
Rahmat Gunawan - Drums
Swakresna Edityo Murti - Bass

All music composed by Energy Nuclear
All lyrics by Yogi Surya Adam & Rahmat Gunawan
Recorded on Elssy Studio on November 2012
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Wisnu Jahat
Artwork by Yusuf Aji Wibowo
Released on CD by Rusty Nails Records


released November 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Energy Nuclear Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Track Name: noitarbeleC msinodeH
When you realize a big hedonism celebration goes useless.
Track Name: Alert
Destruction, disorder, confused, hard-mind
Turn on the light
Don't trust the lie
Use your fuck'in brain
Taste the pain taste these shit
Track Name: Destroy All The Gangsters
This is for you
I still defense
To make my own
Who they're assist for?
Who they're looking for
That's no good reason
Fuck you gangsters
Track Name: Tyrant
In the name of destruction
Of corruption, of deception
You spread desease
You spread the lies
Then you take control, of our life
Let us be free, just let us be free
Track Name: Pathetic
There is no chance for the truth to show what they have done
lie, arrogance, corrupt
And you wanna take a lead
where is the justice?
where is the things that we call the truth
we'll never surrender
we'll always refuse
Track Name: Useless Deed
Open your mind, inspection
Aware yourself, you're nothing
This is too bad
But i'm ignoring you
I'm still here too long
Track Name: Gaffe Of Life
What's wrong in this fuck'in world
Everything disorganized
Full of hypocrate people
Masked behind the prestige
Everything's wrong
Track Name: Unravel
Every time i lost insure the problems
I didn't see a power
Why step by step can't doing?
I didn't see a power
Fluster, forestall, ravage, reform
Don't be depressed
For your obstacle
Come and tenacious
For your moment you have a chance
Kill your problems
Common, desegregate
Kill your ego
Straight for your opinion
No more excuse
People are just stupid mistakes
No more excuse
No for one more time
Track Name: Obsolete Theory
Did i let you know
About karma
Or something and anything
I know that's works
Fuck your fuckin mind

You must feel that
Yeah, someday
Yeah, a gloomy day with you
Liar, weak, you are a mistake
Liar, weak, you are a figurehead for me
Curse, curse, curse to you
Track Name: Pseudo-Psyche
Human crisis
Self destruction
Lose out their face
I don't have to thinking
Many people make their suffer
Many reason to no complain
Maybe that's called a different ways
I don't have to thinking
Many people make a fake-self
People is too much
People is too strong or weak
I try to set my mind
How to seeing around
Included me, i just a mystery
But, people is to much
People is too strong or weak
I don't get it